Yokoyama Ryuichi's World (To enlarge click on the picture)
The 4th Floor Plan  
The 4th Floor Plan
The Yokoyama Ryuichi's World Zone is spread out on the 4F. Please look at the plan.
Gyo-Gyo Tower  
Gyo-Gyo Tower
A fish-inspired work called "Gyo-Gyo Tower" designed by Ryuichi Yokoyama himself. Including 300 fishes, the tower is 9 meters hight. The work is presented with music by Takekawa Yukihide.
My Playful Life
An introduction to Yokoyama Ryuichi's life, from his birth to his departure for Tokyo, is settled at the entrance. There is also an exhibition of work from his primary school days and sculptures from his story in Tokyo.
The eye-catching enormous painting of a crab called "Kaniba" was painted on Tosa washi paper with sumi ink and measures an impressive 3m by 4m.
My Playful Life
Ryuichi Gallery
Yokoyama Ryuichi's life is presented on a 13m-wall, which showcases his various post-Tokyo period works. The display is designed to enable you to walk in his footsteps as a manga artist. Including, of course, original pictures of "Fuku-chan", the display also includes many other cartoons, oil paintings,ink paintings, etc...
Ryuichi Gallery
The Manga -shudan Trailblazers  
The Manga-shudanTrailblazers
The Manga-shudan, founded by Yokoyama Ryuichi and his followers Tezuka Osamu, Ishinomori Shotaro and Fujiko Fujio, has influenced to create a new phase in the manga world at that time. These artists' various works are displayed on a rotation basis.
Fuku-chan Lane
There are jigsaw puzzles, peep holes and many other devices to play with ! Pictures of Fuku-chan are also hidden around ! The other family members from the serial publication are introduced through a diorama. Here you can really experience the "Fuku-chan period" !
Fuku-chan Lane
Otogi Pro
Otogi Pro is an animation production company founded by Yokoyama Ryuichi. Invaluable pionneering animations are shown on the screen. Episodes from that time and related objects are also displayed.
Otogi Pro
Azumaya Arbor
My Playful World
The appeal of Yokoyama Ryuichi lies not only in his work but also in his playful spirit. Everywhere you look you can see evidence of his playful personality. This was also another one of his "places of creativity".

・Azumaya Arbor
An azumaya located in the corner of Yokoyama's backyard has been dismantled and reconstructed in the museum. On the walls there are many signatures and pictures drawn by his many guests. Inside there are some unexpected signatures of famous people !

Conveying an atmoshere of fun and happiness, an exact replica of one of his ateliers has been built. Many pictures and dioramas are said to have been created in this room.

・Annual O-hanami party
Yokoyama Ryuichi used to invite his friends to his yearly party and spend the all day with them. The o-hanami party is introduced thanks to a televised report and pictures. You can also see one of the papers where those friends used to sign. It is called a yosegaki.

・Home Bar, Gura
An exact replica of the home bar, that was in the corner of the Yokoyama house, allows you to listen to Ryuichi and catch a glimpse of the place where he would spend time with his many friends.

・Ryuichi GARA GARA
Toys are not only for kids but also for adults. The "Ryuichi GARA GARA", the train models, dioramas etc...exemplify again his playful spirit.

・Ryuichi's Curious Collection
"Things that didn't cost anything. Things that are interesting". It was with this frame of mind that he collected about 700 items. Each hand picked object only represents a fraction of his collection. At first, it may looks like junks, but at a second glance, you will realize those invaluable objects' true meaning.
Annual O-hanami party
Home Bar, Gura
Ryuichi's Curious Collection
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